Patient Profiles

Actor portrayal.
Marital Status
Office manager
Major depressive disorder (MDD) @ 35 years old
MDD Treatment
Sertraline 200 mg (in the form of two 100 mg tablets)

Robin's challenge:

Robin has been struggling with depression for several years. For much of that time, she sought help from a therapist, and her primary care physician began treatment with sertraline 50 mg per day. Because Robin continued to have significant MDD symptoms, the doctor increased the dosage to 100 mg per day. After a period of time, her dosage was increased to 200 mg per day (in the form of two 100 mg tablets), which improved her MDD symptoms.

In recent office visits:

Robin shared that, about 6 months ago, her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. This has devastated Robin, as they enjoyed a long, incredibly close relationship, and now her mom doesn't always recognize her.

Robin is struggling to manage being the main caregiver to her mom while performing the duties of her job. As a result, self-care has taken a back seat—she has already stopped seeing her therapist, and it's becoming more and more difficult to keep up with her medication.

Making a switch:

Robin's doctor suggests switching to a single-capsule dosing option instead of multiple pills, saying it may help her stay on track with her medication. Robin feels like this would be one less thing to worry about and may help her fit her depression treatment into her busy life. Her doctor prescribes Sertraline HCl 200 mg Capsules. In a telehealth check-in 60 days later, Robin reports that the single capsule is much easier to fit into her day.