Patient Profiles

Actor portrayal.
Marital Status
Physical trainer
Major depressive disorder (MDD) @ 31 years old
MDD Treatment
Sertraline 150 mg (in the form of three 50 mg tablets)

Ashley's challenge:

Ashley started feeling depressed about a year ago, finding herself withdrawing from social interaction, having restless nights, and less energy for her job as a trainer. Ashley's primary care physician started her on a low dose of sertraline, gradually increasing to 150 mg per day (in the form of three 50 mg tablets).

In recent office visits:

The doctor asked if she's taking her pills every day. Ashley admitted that, with a recent gym expansion, her schedule has become increasingly busy with new clientele. It's been hard to take multiple pills, so she does not consistently take her full prescribed dose. As a result, she has noticed a negative impact on her mood and work performance.

Making a switch:

The doctor suggests switching Ashley to a single-capsule dosing option instead of multiple pills, saying it may help her stay on track with her medication. Ashley is prescribed Sertraline HCl Capsules in a 150 mg dosage and feels this will help her stay consistent. They agree to meet again in a month for a check-in.